Right and Left Brain Solutions has evolved as a network of professionals from various specialties. Our strength lies in our ability to work as a collaborative unit to integrate proven strategies, practices, and processes into creative and effective solutions. While we have resources specialists in several fields, we focus on consumer product development, strategy, and execution in the fashion and internet marketing areas.  Our key proficiencies lie in:

  • Developing integrated strategies, product development, and marketing programs to ensure success.
  • Committing to digital trends including direct marketing start-ups, improved communication web development, search, marketing, and PR.
  • Integrating aspects of process control with the goals and resources of the organization. These aspects include supply chain management, inventory management, off-shore sourcing, business integration, merchandising planning, and optimization.
  • Developing online retail merchandising plans, including the development of e-commerce websites and marketing strategies.
  • Implementing organizational change and new processes and structures that will make businesses run more efficiently and effectively.

Right and Left Brain Solutions provides integrated direct marketing programs for selected clients in the home furnishings industry. A key component of the effort is the placement of products on home furnishings websites with millions of visitors per month. This unique marketing effort increases the exposure, reduces cost, and is completely pay-as-you-go with no risk or outlay of funds.


Bert helped this slipcover company grow from $50 to $150 million in sales in five years with $12 million in operating profits and positioned the company to be the category leader. He secured 85% market share by reinventing the Sure Fit Slipcover business with focused growth strategies on new product development, packaging, quick response delivery, and marketing. He also orchestrated management buyout with outside investors in 1998 from Field crest Cannon and revitalized operations by shifting 80% of production offshore, with over $8 million of potential annual savings.

Additionally, Bert spearheaded industry marketing innovation with an $18 million national advertising campaign. This was highlighted by building a $ 60 million catalog and internet business from scratch. The campaign also increased brand awareness from 1% to 14% in 18 months.

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Headboard Presentation 

We have assisted Levinsohn Textiles in developing and implementing their newest product, an inflatable headboard. We devised a detailed marketing plan, merchandising sourcing and sales plan for this unique product. We also developed sales, secured initial placements in Bed Bath Beyond, Target.com, K-Mart.com and other internet retailers, and developed and launched entire program in 6 months.

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Home Decor Express

Home Decor Express represents an exciting effort that was conceived 5 years ago and started in early 2010 with a minimal $ 30,000 investment. Our goal was to develop programs with key partners to maximize the benefits of the Internet, are simple to execute, and which maximize mutual sales and profit opportunities.   We partnered  with about 50 top home furnishings suppliers. While places like Amazon, Penney’s, Overstock and Macys offer endless collections of confusing merchandising, we are pursuing what we call the “Just Right” Goldilocks approach.

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Stretch and Cover

Stretch and Cover’s mission is to provide our customers the best ready-made slipcover- bar none. We provide our customers a range of products and styles to engage them with a decorator look at an affordable price in a manner where they can enjoy the shopping experience.  We are on a mission to make it easy and affordable for our customers to have beautiful homes that seamlessly work with their daily lives.

The overall collection is designed around two unique characteristicto give furniture the tailored look most people want instead of the loose, sloppy appearance of other slipcovers that do not stay in place. First, our covers have just the right amount of stretch to provide a smooth fit that will stay in place.  Second, we offer separate cushion covers in various sizes to provide a custom look and further help keep the slipcovers in place. We also moved production to China, used upholstery weight fabrics without raising prices, and improved delivery from an average of 2 weeks to 2 days.

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Sofa Collection

Bert spearheaded and orchestrated start-up direct marketing this furniture company that offers innovative slip covered sofas. He combined importing from China, internet marketing, and inventory flexibility to provide better styling and value for the consumer.

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